I think I leak luck

| Sunday, April 5, 2009
I joined a AQ40 PUG. Afterwards I ran outside and then remembered: I need to check my egg! *click* Holy crap, green proto-drake.


A guildy wanted to do MC. He's trying to get ingots since he got the eye of sulfuron a few weeks ago. Well... no ingots dropped. But another eye dropped. I was about to cry while looting it to the other paladin who wont he roll. Damn you, master looter, and your tempting ability to ninja legendaries.

We decided that since it was so fast we'd try BWL. It was a fairly smooth run, though with some problems related to repeated failures to follow the rule "don't aggro the patrolling drake." Over the run I picked up 4 elementium ore, which is the most I've ever seen. Unfortunately the raid didn't like my idea of "Kelp ninjas all the ore" so we settled on rolling off the ore. But, one of the winners let me keep one of the ore, so yay.

In related news, the AQ40 combined with turnins (I had a lot of rep items) got me to revered with Brood of Nozdormu. That meant I could really start the gates chain. BWL allowed me to complete the red chain. I've only just started the blue and green chains. Azuregos is a weirdo. Overall the quests are incredibly strange and epic in their own special way.


Larísa said...

I've done a couple of those old raid instances, but since I wasn't there in vanilla I think I can't relate to the things that drop there. They're just annoying crap filling my bag. In AQ40 I'd pass on EVERYTHING except the mount ofc. Those strange items in different colours... I can't be bothered to carry them around and figure out what to do with them. Too complicated for my little gnomish brain.

But grats to the mount! I've cracked a number of eggs by now, but I've only got yolks and a couple of pets. (cute pets, but to small to ríde...)

Kromus said...

The green proto-drake is excellent looking in my opinion, i just lack the time and motivation to get to exalted for the egg(or whatever the needed reputation is), so well done for that :).

As for the "epic in their own way", i fully understand that, i have full Deathmist(not dread, death, this requires a stupid quest chain and a lot of time).
I feel great and unique for doing it, and the quests were silly, yet epic in their own, special, way.

Cool post.

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