That wasn't funny.

| Thursday, April 2, 2009
Sorry. :(

Moving on: The Arrchivist was great. The new Terran unit was slightly less great. The forum change make it hard to read, but was a bit funny. The character customization wasn't very funny.

Back to unfunny jokes: it took half a level (granted it was rested and with shoulders) of grinding Sunfury Bowmen to get the Khorium Scope schematic. Just to get me excited and thinking it was a lucky day, the arrow maker nearby which I didn't care much about, that dropped on the second kill.

Oh oh, here's a great joke for you: I have TWO engineers. I'm sorry, that wasn't funny, just crude.

I couldn't get onto the forums all day, it said my account was inactive.

[edit] I logged on to my paladin and saw an unfamiliar mail. It was a letter from someone saying he can't comment, but he's sad to see my blog go. Now I feel terrible. I wish I could go back and not post that. :(


Unknown said...

I couldn't get onto the forums all day, it said my account was inactive.

I'm having the exact same problem with the forums.
I'm not sure if should mail someone, or let it work itself out. Clearly other people can get in...

Hana said...

Back in the waning days of TBC, when my paladin was a new 70, I did the SSO daily in Netherstorm almost every day because I could grind for the scope at the same time (and getting there was easy as a goblin engineer). Naturally the recipe never dropped. :P

Gorlando said...

That would be me that sent the in game mail. :P That's what I get for not clicking the link, I should have known it was an April Fool's joke. It was late at night and I was half asleep though, so I guess I have an excuse. : /

Kiryn said...

I've never liked April Fool's Day, except for the neat little spoof announcements that Blizzard makes.

Either there will be a real announcement (like BRK quitting) that people just don't believe, or people will get upset unnecessarily if they don't realize what day it is. What's the value in that? I just don't understand why people enjoy pranks like this. I think it's awful.

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