| Friday, April 17, 2009
There is an A in it. There is not an E in it.
Duel means 1v1 PvP. Dual means two. I realize that 1+1=2, but that's not the point.


Thank you. This has been a public service message; making your community a little better.

P.S. dual,


Kiryn said...

Why is it that people always want to "dual" each other, but then keep talking about "duel" specs? They apparently know that there are two different words, but seem to just use them at random whenever they feel like it. This annoys the hell out of me as well.

Anonymous said...

lol. the first time I realized this was when I was adding a blog post tag. I wrote up to duel and the image of dueling in front of IF / Org came to my mind. It was my ah ha! moment of learning how to spell.

Shwitz44 said...

My name is Josh and I fully support this message.

In addition, "roll" is what you do when you create a character. It harkens back to when dice were physically rolled to set character sheet stats in D&D.
"Role" is the function a character has in a group - tank, DPS, healer, CC, etc.

Know your role, and know the difference.

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