Do all paladins have this problem?

| Monday, April 27, 2009
I recently started playing D&D with a few friends. We all play WoW as well at various levels, so as a joke we all made equivalent characters in DandD. I made my paladin.

Tonight our DM had us running through WC. Yea, we're taking the joke far. We got here by running from Crossroads to attack furbolgs who turned out to be diseased. I suspected it was the Plague, but the DM keeps saying nothing is undead. Maybe it's the Flood. Anyway...

We're in WC and we got attacked by crocolisks. We engage them. Meanwhile slime monsters drop in far behind us and start launching ranged attacks. The result was an obnoxiously long fight because most of our damage is melee and my only ranged 'attack' is a taunt of sorts (divine challenge). Due to my race (Eladrin) I can teleport, but it's the same distance as my running. The result is that to engage the far away enemies I have to run, very slowly. I never actually got to them. Afterward I thought of making by teleport longer range so it would be usable as a distance closer.

Is this a universal rule that paladins never can get into melee range?


Hana said...

I'm currently playing a cleric in my D&D group, and one of my co-workers (who doesn't play D&D but does play WoW with me) has accused me of turning my cleric into a replica of my in-game holy paladin, namely for my propensity to run into melee and "tank" things.

Multi-class fighter feats for the win!

Klepsacovic said...

Your holy paladin tanks things? Oh dear.

Hana said...

Not since the 3.1 patch, but I tanked everyone TBC 5-man as holy on my holy paladin. Even Magister's Terrace! :) I got insanely good at it.

Hana said...

every, not everyone... bad typo :(

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