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| Monday, September 29, 2008
We ran into a lot of fail. Uncountable fail. Unimaginable fail. In other words, we ran into people who are legitimately in the 1500 bracket rather than point sellers.

We started off in the mid-1400s and went 8-2, finishing at 1577. I figured we should just keep what we had and work up further next week when we have more time.

I learned a few important lessons.
1) Huntards are really easy to kill.
2) Shockadins are fail. They burn their mana like crazy for DPS, leaving them nothing to heal with, so the partner dies and the team has no more damage since OOM shockadins are ever worse damage.
3) Enhancement shamans are bad for healers, but I'm even worse for them.
4) SL/SL warlocks are surprisingly squishy after you kill the minion twice, but they are still stubborn when combined with fear and a healer. Interrupt the fear and the healer heals, interrupt the heal and the warlock fears. More burst damage would have helped, maybe I should try to coordinate better with my partner for things like double wings and DF->holy shock.

We did run into a few tough teams and two of them beat us, but even those weren't total slaughters. They seemed to come down to the luck (or lack thereof) of resists.


Darraxus said...

I had a similar type week. I had been running into a lot of teams with season 3 shoulders/weapons and even a few with season 4 shoulders/weapons as low as the 1500s bracket. We went from 1525 to 1648 this week and hope to keep on climbing.

Light Of The Sun said...

well at least you one 8

i need to get my pvp a rockin and get my layout sets up

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