When all you have is a hammer...

| Tuesday, September 23, 2008
Dear DPS-specced hybrids,

I respect your damage and your right to spec however you like. You've chosen to be primarily a source of damage and I don't want to take that from you. However damage is a only hammer and as hybrids you're running around with a small toolbox. Rogues only have hammers, though these can also drive screws, badly (CC). Hybrids have the prying tool on back (this heals people), drills (these remove debuffs), and pliers (these hold aggro). Using your full toolset will work better than just swinging the hammer harder.

When a mob gets loose, you could hammer it really hard, or you could try to tank it (switching to bear or throwing on a shield). Or you could help heal the person being attacked. Throw a stun or snare on it so the person can get some range and the tank has time to grab it.

You might have to drop moonkin form or switch out of berseker stance. But would you rather lose five seconds of damage or have a dead healer? Dead healers tend to result in dead everyone (except the paladins who just have to fly back from the inn) and dead you (since you are part of everyone) are bad at DPS.

In other, more condescending terms: fury warriors, enhancement shamans, feral druids, and ret paladins ARE NOT ROGUES. Elemental shamans and moonkin ARE NOT MAGES. You're also not warlocks, so don't get any ideas about striking fear into your enemies.


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