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| Friday, September 19, 2008

I did the brewfest boss a few times in BRD. He dropped a 45 stam trinket with a potentially frightening use. Then he dropped a spell damage trinket which is exactly the same as the one that I spent valuable badges to buy. This fills me with... well nothing. Who cares? The last drop was a blocking trinket which I got by default. I liked that, it gave me the trinket that I was too cheap to spend badges on.

So far I've liked Brewfest. The ticket change worries me since the tokens now have a duration. I suppose they're trying to ensure that, moving forward, people are only getting rewarded for that year. Fortunately they were nice enough to not cause major disappointment for people with tickets from last year (I have a bit over 100).

The quests are neat. The Dark Iron attack was silly, especially the way of driving them off. The quest with the robot was funny too. My only complaint is that I think they changed the apple layout, since I can't seem to do my old pattern. I'm not too worried though, there's nothing that I'm going to freak out over. I might get the brew of the month (I have enough currently) and then save up a few more for the goggles. I got the pony keg last year.

In unrelated news, I was excited to hear that pets and mounts will no longer take up bag space, since for my paladin those add up to 18 slots, though admittedly most of the mounts could be destroyed and repurchased if I really needed the space.


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