New arena team: resto shaman and MS warrior

| Monday, September 22, 2008
I'm hoping that this team will work better than ret-holy. If it starts to do well enough, we'll move our paladins over and leech a bit.

Unfortunately we're not doing well. I've identified two major problems.
1) I am completely unused to being a healer, let alone a shaman healer, in PvP. I don't watch my health super-closely and I'm not expecting to be interrupted, since usually people are watching the holy paladin, not me. I'm also just making mistakes like letting myself get too far from cover.

2) My gear is terrible. I'm in the rep PvP gear, unenchanted. By resilience and health are low and my healing is sub-1000. I can be torn apart in seconds.

It's not all doom and gloom though. If I survive an initial burst, I stand a decent chance of survival thanks to earth shield and nature's guardian. I think with some more practice and gear, I'll be able to make something of this team. As for my paladin, we moved up slightly. We had a good run and got to the mid-1500s (up from low 1400s), but then had an awful string of losses. Unfortunately I didn't notice that we were close to dropping under 1500 and wasn't able to play it safe and keep what we had.

I can also see that the expansion will help a ton. Better off-healing and loads of mana will make me a lot more effective over long fights. I can see dozens of times where even slightly higher damage (let alone the huge burst increase we got) would have won the game.


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