Normally I wouldn't say this...

| Wednesday, October 1, 2008
But fuck you, Blizzard. Fuck you. Fucking fucks. Fuck.

For two fucking years you reward certain classes for a completely unbalanced PvP system. You knew this. Everyone could see it. Look at the statistics. Paladins were shit. Shit, like the stuff that comes out of your ass. That is not good stuff. Look at the fucking numbers. Do those look like they reflect anything remotely like balance? I'll be nice and give you two options.

1) Balance by even classes. Nine classes, if they're balanced you'd expect each class to be about 11% of the high-ranking arena population. But no, they're not even close. Druids are way way in front in 2v2 and 3v3. I'm not saying 12-15%, no, more like 20% or higher. That is not even close to balance.

2) Balance by population. That would put hunters and rogues a bit ahead of the rest, which rogues are. On the other side, druids would be a bit below average, which they are not. In fact, druids are more than double the amount as would be predicted by population.

For two years Blizzard has handed out mounts and titles based on an unbalanced system. Now it appears that ret is really fucking powerful. It's looking to be overpowered at 70, assuming your enemy is too dumb to kite you and you get the drop on them. This is our time to join the ranks of the overpowered, facerolling to title and cool mounts, right? Well, no. Apparently balance is now a serious issue, so all arena rankings are being taken the day 3.0 comes out and saved until the end of S4. In other words, the very day that paladins start being as effective as other classes, they stop being counted.

Fuck you, you fucking fuckers. Fuck. Stupid fucking shit. Fuck.

When TBC came out classes were unbalanced, but we still had arenas and rewards. Now suddenly balance is serious business. But it's even more ridiculous when you consider that back then the gear was a bigger deal. Now it's being received a few weeks before WotLK comes out and we replace half of it in the first week.

When gear matters and paladins suck, we are counted. When gear doesn't matter and we're badass, we are not counted.

Do me a favor and swear a bit, maybe scare some children. I'm too angry to be mad anymore.

Cause of this rant:

[edit] Oh did I mention that they are nerfing holy? Yes, the worst tree we have is getting worse. The least fun tree is losing the cool talents that might have made it interesting. This makes perfect sense! I mean... fuck I can't even be sarcastic.


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