Kara with noobs

| Friday, September 26, 2008
Actually it wasn't too bad. The main tank was at the requirements for the early fights, but was definitely a bit of a stress on the healers. But hey, that's how people first did Kara. That's what happens when someone doesn't get run through half the game.

We did wipe on Attumen. I died on Moroes. We wiped on Maiden. We wiped on Nightbane (because the tank was clearly undergeared for that fight). We wiped on Prince, again because of the tank's gear. We took a second shot at it and he used shield wall to get through phase two. The fight was pretty much saved by having tons of DPS. We had decent luck with drops, one bad one, but not at a critical time, so we easily adjusted.

I got the BoL libram from opera, which I will probably never use. I got to run with WF totem. I could tell it made a huge difference, along with the 10% more AP from the shaman. He started out with two daggers, but the end he had Fool's Bane and Decapitator, so I'm glad that the world of warcraft is a slightly better place now. Aside from the libram I got no gear, though I think I picked up a total of 20 badges. I think my repairs were balanced by trash drops, greens, and a few motes and a void crystal. Even if not, I can farm gold much more easily than badges.

Overall it was a good night, but now it's very late, by my standards at least, 3:10.

Oh right, for my first time ever I did not kill myself with seal of blood during Prince. This took three times as DPS to learn. However I did die to a shadow nova in phase three when my bubble was down (due to the infernal placement during an enfeeble) and my healthstone was already gone from the previous nova.


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