Arenas and Nerdrage

| Saturday, September 13, 2008
I decided to take a crack at arenas again, after several months of none and barely even any BGs. We did a 3v3 with a rogue, ret paladin (me), and prot paladin pretending to be holy. It seems to be a pretty awful setup. It's pissing me off and the worst part is that it's pretty much my fault. I just grabbed whoever would join for the 3v3 (the prot paladin) and I'm not exactly amazing at PvP.

So far the method that works best is for me to go beat up the squishiest DPS while the rogue goes after the healer and keeps it locked out. Sometimes I'll shift over to help drop the healer. Unfortunately we seem to either end up with a DPS loose on our healer or a DPS screwing up the rogue's stunlock. Priests aren't too bad, druids we can kill with difficulty, shamans are tough. Paladins are actually the worst since we're melee heavy (plate ftl) and can't do anything about DS or their seemingly unlimited mana.

If we could get a resto shaman for our healer I think that would work well. Bloodlust and WF totem would help our damage a lot. Purge would help with druids. Maybe if our healer was holy it would go better, which I'm hopeful about since that's the prot paladin's main spec.

Still, I can't shake the feeling that I might be the weakest link. No interrupt, CC, healing debuffs, or purge mean that I end up doing a lot of swinging madly and hoping I hurt someone enough. I'd try my shaman except that his gear is painfully bad and I'm honestly afraid to try PvP on him again.

Well, at least I had fun in AB before we started arenas. I feel a lot more powerful in them. I also like the second chances, how dying isn't the end of the game. You just res and go back, so it's the overall strategy that matters more. Maybe people have worse gear or skill, but I just generally feel like I can take on any class except maybe a resto druid.


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