| Wednesday, October 15, 2008
I finally got on. I spent a bunch of time updating some addons and figuring out what still worked. Then I redid all but one of my bars. Unfortunately I'm having trouble seeing my cooldowns now since my bars are all a bit off to the lower left corner. I'm hoping to find a cooldown/debuff timer that works well. I have one now, but it's too complex for me and only works for my warlock. Maybe I'm just stupid. Oh well.

My paladin is using this build currently.
On the PTR I had Righteous Vengeance instead of kings, but there I was almost guaranteed to do nothing but soloing. On live I intend to do some grouping, notably convincing people to do old-world raids for the achievements. Vindication was because I had two points to spend and RV wasn't an option because I hate partial talents, except for reckoning which I have learned to accept.

If you're wondering why I have kings instead of BoM, scroll down a few posts. I've laid out a setup for blessings at 80. It works the same at 70 except ret loses some damage due to RV. At 80 I'm predicting a build something like this.

I'd already done it on the PTR, but once I was able to play again, I flew off to the Plaguelands to go kill Baron. Somehow, I managed to get myself killed. I think SoL ran out and I didn't notice. A reflexive click of 8 (mana tap) resulted in forbearance (divine protection), so I couldn't bubble. After a run back I slaughtered everything. The spider was an annoyance because he roots and runs around, getting adds, which also root, so I spent a lot of time stuck in place. The silence effect prevents BoF and I wasn't eager to use DS unless I really needed it. After that it was a smooth run, burning down abominations right and left. Then I did live side too, got the achievement.

I logged out near the back door. Tomorrow I plan to head to Scholomance.

In other news, the new mount/pet/currency system freed up something like 24 slots for me, about 5 of which were in my bags, so that's very valuable space to gain. My bank feels very empty now, which I like. More space for crap. :)

I've very optimistic. Also tired. Good night, sleep tight, when the rets come, remember to kite.


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