| Tuesday, October 7, 2008
This is copied from a post of mine on the paladin forums. I do this sometimes when I'm either afraid that my brilliance will drown in the forums so I want to save it here or just posting here will hide my brilliance from the masses, so I post there as well. Brilliance is fun to say. It's like a light bulb from the lungs.

Kings is causing a lot of trouble these days. Few people want to take it and few people think they have teh points for it. So what's the real problem and what can we do about it?

Let's start off with the issue of having four blessings, but a balanced raid would have at most three paladins. Something gets left out. It sounds bad, but is it really a problem?

There are two blessings that prot definitely wants: kings and sanctuary. Might would give an aggro/damage boost. Wisdom might give more aggro, if the tankadin is having mana problems. If push comes to shove, they can go without wisdom or might and I don't see any significant problems. There is a weakness here, but it's not as big as it would seem at first.

Ret would definitely want kings and might. Wisdom is useful when the paladin is going all out, especially against demons and/or mobs under 35% when there are so many attacks that mana is drained faster than JotW can regen. However ret has no DPS need for sanctuary. The damage reduction would be nice to have on everyone for AoE damage, but like with prot and wisdom, not a huge loss.

This may be one of those situations where we are supposed to make tradeoffs. We can't get every blessing we want, but we can at least get three 2-3 most valuable ones.

Still, there remains the issue of two blessings in one tree. Even worse, both are the critical blessings for prot. So what's to be done? Someone else has to get kings. From what I've seen, holy can't really spare the points, however ret can. But this would mean ret is getting imp BoM and kings, both of which are DPS blessings, so people want both. It's a repeat of the two blessings in one tree, except spec instead of tree.

Solution: ret doesn't get imp BoM, holy does. But holy also gets imp wisdom! Fortunately, there's not a huge overlap between mana and physical damage. Hunters, shamans, and paladins are the only classes that would want both, in addition to felguards. However in these cases, what's the loss? They don't have huge mana problems, so they wouldn't be hurt too much by getting wisdom from a prot paladin, kings from ret, and might from holy. I know, it's a strange system where no one is giving the blessing from their tree, but it would work.

But let's say we don't want to make these tradeoffs and Blizzard doesn't want us to either, then what? I've seen several solutions. One is to make kings into a talent that buffs blessings, something like "in addition to their current effects, your blessings also increase player stats by 2/4/6/8/10%" Another idea was to put kings onto devo aura. The most basic solution was to just remove kings and rebalance the game without it, though this could end up being the most work to implement.

We have more blessings than we have paladins. We can minimize weaknesses by choosing the three most useful blessings. Ret would pick up kings, holy would get imp wisdom and imp might. Prot would get sanctuary. Each spec would do that blessing, with the exception of prot which would be putting wisdom on physical DPS that use mana: enhancement shamans, retribution paladins, hunters, and felguards.


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