A shitty time in arenas

| Sunday, October 12, 2008
We started out with some back and forth, got within range of 1600. Then we pretty much lost 5 games straight.

What the fuck are a ret and holy paladin supposed to do about SL warlock and resto druid? We ran into the same team twice. Then there was the disc priest and mage, also twice. And the rogue and frost mage.

We'd get drained away with no interrupts and druids being completely fucking overpowered at healing considering their mobility. Then there's mana burn. Oh sure, LoS it, but I need to be in LoS to hit anyone and I have no regen, so there goes our damage. Finally it's the impossible to heal through combo.

They give titles and mounts and gear for this shit? Then there's a risk of paladins being useful in 3.9, so they suspend rewards. Fucking bullshit.

Yea yea, learn2play, stop posting whiny crap, etc. I just don't know why I bother. I don't really need the gear, it's not like I'm raiding and need upgrades. Huh? Oh it's supposed to be for PvP? Bullshit. Why is the best tankadin weapon a fucking rated PvP weapon? How does that make any fucking sense?

End rant.

My priest is almost 33. It's pretty nice having mounts so low. Running from one end of Thousand Needles to the other was not fun before.

I tried to do SM lib, but our warrior was garbage* and the hunter was retarded. That was a bit surprise for me. At least the druid would shift out to heal when we'd get two groups of adds plus a pat.
* He could not LoS pull at all, though he seemed to try. He did not pull back or at least hamstring (I'm pretty sure he wasn't in defensive stance, so this was an option), so runners were big trouble.

Oh yea, then someone started flaming me because I rejected a blind invite when my note clearly says to send a tell first. I put him on ignore after that. He tried inviting me a few more times today. It's a shame that if I used accurate words to talk to him, I'd be the one with a suspension.

Was that more rant? Sorry. I guess I'm just too pissed off. At least I stopped us before we dropped below 1500, but it's so annoying that we'd have been better off stopping at 10 games.


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