Retribution is overpowered, sometimes.

| Saturday, October 18, 2008
This is in response to Are Retribution Paladins Overpowered?

We are, except during the times when we are underpowered.

When we are in melee range, we are overpowered. We tear everything apart.
When we are bubbled, we are overpowered. We tear everything apart and are invincible.

When we aren't in melee and DS is down, we are weak. We have no abilities past 20 yards and no way to speed up to close the gap. We have only one ability past 10 yards and it breaks on damage. In melee range we have a stun on a 60 second cooldown, the previously mentioned incapacitate, a debuff that prevents running faster than 100%, and we can run at 115%. Oh, and also the previously mentioned tearing everything to shreds.

In the past I've heard people explain warriors tearing everything apart in melee by saying you shouldn't stick your hand in a blender. It's a nice analogy, except that warrior blenders can intercept and then snare, so you're not given much of a choice about distance from the blender. Paladins are blenders that can't chase you down as well.

We need a balance. We need less burst, but also more ability to deal with ranged classes. It's not fun for anyone to play when 20+ yards is a guaranteed win for range while 10- is a guaranteed win for paladins.

Here are my ideas to moderate this. The goal is to reduce the burst, but make it a lot easier to get in and stay in melee.

Reduce Forbearance to 30 seconds. Increase the cooldown on DS by a minute or two. Reduce the cooldown on DP to 60 seconds. Put a -25% damage debuff on both.

Reduce the cooldowns on sacrifice and freedom. Reduce the cooldown of repentance to 45 seconds and increase the range to 30 yards.

Remove the ability of instant attacks to trigger seals. Make CS and DS holy damage. Buff seals to balance out the loss of damage. This will also help holy while soloing.


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