Soloing Onyxia

| Friday, October 3, 2008
I killed her a few minutes ago, after about 25 minutes. It was a lot of fun. She dropped Nemesis and Wrath and some assorted blues and greens. Oh, and 190g. That was great.

I'm you'll excuse the contradiction, the fight was both exciting and boring. The excitement was a mix of the thrill of taking on a raid boss solo, the tons of new abilities in 3.0, and the general movement of it all. Also I get really nostalgic. The boring part was that I was never really in any danger. I bubbled once, but after that I learned to kill the whelps faster and there was little risk of death. Between SoL/JoL, divine storm (this was especially effective against whelps), and instant FoL, I was able to keep my health up very easily.

Diminishing returns on pushback is great. I was able to use holy light, even with a bunch of whelps on me.

My gear was pretty much my normal ret gear, which I don't think I logged out in. It's a mix of S3, engineering helm, red belt of battle, and some badge gear. I did make some changes though. I traded my badge axe for a Suneater and Aldori Legacy Defender. The crit trinket from BM replaced the expertise one from H MgT. I felt the crit would be more useful since I use it to trigger instant FoL and for sheath of light. My crit on judgement libram I switched for the new libram of redeemed souls which increases FoL power by 89. That might have been a bad idea.

During the fight I used FR aura. JoL was up most of the time, except for mistakes and distraction from whelps. I mostly used seal of corruption, though during stage two I used SoL instead. Improved BoM and RF finished off the list, though I suppose RF was useless.

I was amazed at the power of retribution. While this certainly isn't a DPS test or a duel, I think this still demonstrates some of the damage, durability, and longevity of the spec. At the end I was fighting with the GCD, picking between CS, DS, FoL, HoW, consecrate, and JoL.


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