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| Thursday, October 16, 2008
I went back to AV (and BGs in general) for the first time in a month or so. There were a lot of ret paladins there. A lot were tearing shit up, but rarely did I see any that played the full class, using their support abilities. I saw one BoP, no cleansing or healing. I ended up wrecking a lot of them.

I noticed a few changes that I think helped paladins a lot.
1) Arcane shot no longer dispels. This means that in groups were a pretty good anti-hunter. BoP saves lives, BoF can actually close distances.
2) The new judge/seal system. Being able to judge justice instantly, without having to switch seals, is very powerful in AV.
3) I think it's from talent changes, but HoJ was landing all the time. I noticed one resist over two games, and not 10 minute games, at least 20-30.
4) Hammer of wrath scaling well and being instant meant that I could actually kill runners.
5) DS is a lot stronger than the forum QQ would lead you to believe. Against clothies it is like a train, or four trains, so it can hit four people at once. Against warriors, it's not so good, but then consecration and judgements really shine.
6) This is just my own habit, but I'm addicted to Art of War. I never expect FoL to have a cast time. The result is that I unconsciously fake heals, casting FoL and moving a tenth of a second later since I think it's already done. Once I realize what happened, I just cast holy light and giggle as my health goes to almost full.
7) On the subject of heals, I cannot believe how many people I was able to save by throwing a heal here and there. Holy light is slow, but it hits big. I've healing for probably double what I did before and I crit much more often too, and sheath of light is impressive.
8) Having mana. In the past I have lost a lot of fights in BGs simply because I started out with almost no mana after the previous fight. There I am drinking, trying to be ready to fight again, and then someone is getting a free crit.

Finally I ran into a Metamorphosis warlock. Unfortunately at the time I was charging the defense across the SP bridge, so I did not have a chance to fear him. However I did nail him with holy wrath, exorcism, and a divine storm. He died and it filled my heart with joy.


Captain The First said...

Warlocks are easy targets these days. I immediately slapped on my 'inspected by earl Z. mode' t-shirt dove into the nearest ditch and started chain casting seed of corruption like a good little lock.

Mind you banish is a whole lot more fun now that all those silly demo locks are popping into skillidan form left and right.

Come to think of it I wonder if 'enslave' will work on a metamorph... if it does that spec will be dead faster than the dodo :P

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