Where does the magic go?

| Wednesday, July 16, 2008
I never realized the limitations of my paladin until I played a warrior. Still, I don't plan to ditch my paladin like I did my shaman. Why did I make a paladin in the first place?

I was a shaman. I wanted to learn more about my opponent, my enemy. I never got past 42 due to account problems. My second paladin did much better.

I was inspired by Zalgradis. He released a video soon after 1.9, but with pre-1.9 footage. It was an amazing video. It is because of that video that my paladin exists, is protection, and is an engineer.
He was protection, before the tree underwent massive changes. It used to be a strong PvP tree. Then it turned into, I'm not sure what. It certainly wasn't much of a tanking tree.

Paladins seem to have, or used to have, the most interesting videos. They weren't just "hit the other guy harder than he hits me." They weren't the POM-pyro videos of mages. They weren't the perfect setup stunlock videos of rogues, with the bad music. They were so much more about team work, switching roles, adapting to the situation. I fear a lot of that is gone. Relative healing power in DPS gear has diminished greatly, widespread stun resistance has made HoJ less significant. With arenas, PvP has gone the way of raids: min-maxing and e-peen flexing to the extreme. It is leeched of the true fun of winning or losing not mattering except as much as you care. It's just another gear grind and gear check. Ugh, I want to go burn Stormwind, except I'd get mobbed by 100000 guards, take durability, and who would join me, or even bother to fight me? It's not worth the bother to run all the way over there for fun when people can go to a goblin in Shattrath and get epics.


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Hey, is this the same Kelps/Kleps I know on Zul'jin ? :)

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