Don't read my other blog

| Thursday, July 10, 2008
It's bad. It will be filled with the half-baked ideas I get when I'm bored. You might get offended. You might get stupider. You might start believing me and get your ass kicked by God.

Speaking of kicking ass, I wish I could be the anti-Christ. Then I'd piss off everyone by (1) Not being on Satan's side and (2) Not doing all the horrible stuff I"m supposed to do, so then God;s followers aren't sure if they are supposed to hate me because I am breaking prophesy or love me because I am going against Satan's plans.

Right, kicking ass. I want to beat up Satan. I'm imaging something like the Neo-Smith fight in the last Matrix, but with more brimstone and him having horns and a pitchfork. Try to honestly say that would not be fun.


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