| Tuesday, July 22, 2008
It drops ALL THE TIME! When I play my paladin.
It still has not dropped when I go on my warrior that could actually use it. On the plus side the parry/stam gem finally dropped. Even more importantly, the hunter was only joking when he asked if he could roll on it. I got very scared when I asked why he wanted a parry gem and he said that hunters can parry. Now I need sockets.

In unrelated news, I've now had two people hire me to make Titanic Leggings. It seems people want to get gear ready for their death knights and they're looking to old-school epics for it. Perhaps I should change the focus of my advertising a bit, show off more of my old stuff. Arcanite Reaper HOOOOOO!

It's a shame there are no BoE T1 drops for them in MC, it would make it much easier to get raids going if I could appeal to greed.


Kaziel said...

Hey, if you can convince them to buy it, go for it. Honestly I feel bad for the poor saps spending a lot now because the questline to get the DK into the main game give you an entire set of good blue-quality gear and a choice of two amazing weapons: Greatsword of the Ebon Blade or Greataxe of the Ebon Blade. But if you can profit off of other's mistakes, go for it. :D

Also, considering that normal DPS weapons will probably be ideal in WotLK, getting Suneater wouldn't be a bad move (assuming you don't already have better that is).

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