Epic boots!

| Wednesday, July 2, 2008
I finally hit 375 blacksmithing and have a lot of extra pairs of felsteel gloves. But it was worth it, because I was able to learn the plans for red havoc boots.
These put me over 450 block value and 11k health. I think I'm ready for more heroics now, or at least can do mech with less pain for my healer. They have boar's speed. Even with intervene, charge, intercept, and hamstring, I don't like running slowly. I'm too used to a paladin with 3/3 PoJ.

Leveling BS made me annoyed with arenas (and BGs with S1 and S2 on honor) and the gear they give. Getting easy epic weapons for no gold cost really hurts us. I got absolutely no customers, and can I blame them? Early in BC I remember a BS with epic plans could get rich fairly quickly. There was demand for their products. Even with Karazhan not being too hard, people still liked crafted weapons as a way to get a head start. Now they'd rather just do some PvP and save their gold. That's not good for the economy. It hurts crafters, lower demand for mats hurts farmers, lower trading through the AH means a larger gold supply which means inflation, which makes crafted weapons look even more expensive...

Crafting needs something untouchable. Something unique, beyond stats. I don't mean great BoP gear and weapons, those again are just stats. They need something flashy, something that looks cool. Engineering has known this all along. It had almost nothing to sell, low personal benefit aside from grenades which got nerfed, it was not about min/maxing stats. People took it because it was badass. We have gyrocoptors and rocket launchers (which admittedly has 45 stam); gigantic, impractical bombs and mote extactors. None of those really make you better and tanking or DPS or healing or PvP or anything except just being a badass. The goggles are a very strange exception, especially because they don't even have a chance to explode.

Blacksmiths should be able to reshape weapons. Tailors should make shirts with their own designs. Leatherworkers... no comment... Jewelcrafters should be able to make actual flashy jewelry that can be seen without inspecting. Also they should make glass eyes. Enchanters should make wands which can shoot fireworks and make people into frogs (with no loss of ability or control, purely appearance).

Finally engineers should be able to collaborate to make gigantic rockets and launch them at enemy cities. 10% chance to explode on the launch, 20% chance to hit the wrong city, 25% chance that the city it hits will be the same faction, 25% chance it will be goblin, 25% it will be enemy but not Horde or Alliance.


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