Epics and Blues, also ZA

| Saturday, July 26, 2008
For some reason epics no longer feel epic. They seem perfectly normal, the standard, meaningless. Blues now feel more meaningful, maybe because they are not the rare thing. Epics are cheap; handed out in PvP just for showing up, Kara is filled with them, badges give high quality gear, but possibly for something as easy as heroic mechanar. Blues seem less common and more connected to the stories, they're quest rewards fairly often.

I hope WotLK doesn't jump on the epic train so quickly.

Tonight I was persuaded to do a 3-chest ZA run. We got one. I didn't like the run very much. For no apparent reason I was put on the back of the gauntlet, resultiung in birds all over the place and a bunch of dead DPS. It felt silly, like the warrior needed to be superior. I suppose he didn't like only having a couple hundred more health even while flasked. We wiped a few times, which annoyed me greatly.

I did come out with 5 badges and the Amani Punisher. That was nice.


Lukian said...

Tried to get my hunter into a ZA PUG today, but apparently my 4-6 blues and "2.1k AP" (not marks) weren't good enough, despite that fact, I had epics for two slots sitting in my bags, of which the blues were superior.

One of the mage's comments was "Your main hand is crap". Since when do hunter's melee?

I'd like to comment that the warrior in your run has serious issues if he can't stand running as an off-tank. Especially when he has the ability to deal more DPS (than a prot paladin) when he's not needed to tank (although this is only one of the timed bosses).

I'd suggest running with a feral druid in future - we are almost always more than happy to take the off-tank role. Do a few runs first, so you get a feel for the instance and can happily lead it (you have to move quite quickly to get the 4th timer), perhaps watch some videos.

It's amazing what you can do with the right group (and good healers), my prot paladin with 16k buffed HP successfully made 3 timers in his first run.

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