Hybrids again?

| Friday, July 18, 2008
The new talent trees are surprisingly hybridy.
Ret gained a new heal, linked to what looks like a holy whirlwind. Healing crits trigger a HoT. With crit being merged together, ret will be critting a lot. It also got some more group utility, which will work well with raid-wide auras.
Prot gained more healing on crits and the damage redirection under DS could be useful in PvP. It looks like we're gaining some active damage, that helps in all sorts of ways: PvP, single tanking, off-tanking.
Holy got that judgement thing. That will be interesting, 28 yard judgements with a melee/spell haste attached. This does mean that a ret paladin isn't needed to keep up their judgement, maybe. I hope that doesn't reduce the desire for ret paladins.

Combine this with the merging of many stats and paladins might break out of the specialist mold.


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