Holy finally fixed?

| Sunday, July 27, 2008
The healing isn't wonderful, but that's fine, paladins shouldn't ever be healbots. Instead it looks like they're turning into offensive caster hybrids. At the worst they'll be judging and shocking from 20 yards back. At best, they might be in melee and still able to throw out heals.

Who knows, I might give holy another try in the expansion.

[edit] Here's a post I made on the paladin forums. I liked it but it kept falling down, so I'm putting it here so I don't lose it.

Healing talents not in holy? Here's why.

Paladins are a healing class, or more accurately, healing is one of their roles.

Currently healing gear is designed for holy paladins. It has a lot of crit and less mana/5 (or the spirit equivalent) than other classes would have. This is terrible for non-holy paladins since currently they get very little benefit from spell crit. Adding spell crit benefits to the other specs helps to make the gear more useful.

There are times when fewer tanks are needed. In that situation, should all the prot paladins be kicked out and replaced with priests? I'd rather the paladins be able to heal reasonably well and stay in the raid. Is it fair that they should miss encounters which may drop the gear they need while others get to jump in for 15 minutes for a single fight?

Ret is less likely to be switching to healing in raids. In 5-mans though, it can come in handy. The real benefit is in PvP. But in neither of these situations is the paladin likely to switch into holy gear with high spell crit. They are in ret gear though, and that has a lot of melee crit, which will be spell crit too once it is merged. I predict we'll see a lot of ret paladins throw a holy light now and then to keep the HoT going. It lets them put out some healing without seriously reducing their DPS or burning through their mana.


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