I thought I was bored with dragons

| Friday, January 6, 2012
But these people showed me a whole new level of indifference.

Afterward their only remark was "ooh, shiny" as I healed myself up a bit.

In related news, I love the random killing blow animations. With that demonic mace I'm using they look especially effective. It's quite a fun weapon to use, nice and solid with enough spiky bits to make it clear that whoever just got hit is, at best, in crippling pain. My favorite part is when they are almost dead and stagger a bit saying how they give up, and then I beat them again and see their soul get torn out.


Hyperian said...

A definite favorite for humanoids is two daggers/swords, kicking them in the junk so they go down on both knees then Scissoring their heads off in all it Russell Crowe Gladiator awesomeness

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