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| Thursday, January 26, 2012
I changed a few things around here. Deleted some clutter. Changed some color. Got a new template which also knocked out my google code, so I missed several days of seeing how many of you came here looking for Skyrim porn. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you? What part of "troll racials are overpowered" sounds like a porn site? Though incidentally, I recall a study (I'm using the term loosely) which found that, contrary to blood elves being 'gay', trolls actually were depicted more often in gay warcraft art, though I don't recall if they had done anything to compensate for trolls being out longer (zing). I have no idea why I remember that. But while we're on the subject, I also recall a study that found that children of gay parents were slightly happier than straight parents. I can only assume this is because of a total lack of moral standards, since as any Puritan could tell you, "A Penny Saved is a Penny Burned," referring to their practice of burning children who might become witches, often refereed to as "pennies".

Anyway, does anyone have any thoughts on the appearance? Better? Worse?

It's like my parents always told me: "If you don't have anything nice to say, it's because you're surrounded by losers. Point that out."

P.S. "alexstrasza porno picture"? Also, why did someone have to specify "free skyrim porn"? Was he finding nothing but pay sites? Should I be terrified by the possibility that premium skyrim porn is a potentially commercially viable enterprise?


Azuriel said...

My thought: Flintstones orange sherbet Push Pop.

I may have already posted this comment before. Which is fine, because I always ate two of the damn things at a time.

Klepsacovic said...

So, delicious and sucrotic?

Ephemeron said...

I suspect that premium skyrim porn is basically regular porn with some Skyrim-themed cosplay elements.

flosch said...

Skyrim porn must be BDSM. What with sticking arrows into knees and all.

And I like the new skin for the most part, though the orange is just a little bit too loud for my personal taste. But I read your posts in a feedreader anyway and only come here for the comments. :)

Shintar said...

I miss the old look. This one feels like it's full of too many sharp edges. Also, I wish the archive wasn't at the very bottom of the sidebar.

Syl said...

That's easy to amend though - all the side widgets can be moved at will (/hint Kleps)!

I'm the other way around; I prefer this template. more order for the eye and much nicer comment section (the old was tiny with tiny font). :)

Klepsacovic said...

I tried to tone down the orange a little, but I don't want it to turn into brown. Syl told me not to use my first choice: bright purple.

flosch said...

I would try to slightly increase the leading (line spacing) in the comments section. It's less than that of your post text, and once you break 4 or 5 consecutive lines, it gets a bit hard on the eye.

Anonymous said...

I think since you mentioned "skyrim porn" several times in your posts, that should lead even more skyrim-porn-seekers to your site. Hehe.

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