My Civilization State of the Union Address

| Tuesday, January 24, 2012
America, I have reigned unchallenged over this nation for thousands of years. I have seen it grow from a single city to an empire as big as any other. I have grown it, but not without your help. You ate a lot of food, but here we are, with large, prosperous cities that can churn out military might, science, and gold.

We have needed all three of those. In our years we have suffered many unprovoked invasions. New York even fell to Russia. But we did not waver. We drew on our gold and we pushed them back. When the Romans attacked their first, second, and third times, we did not yield an inch of territory. They retreated, and with generous peace terms. When the Iroqouis, once our friends, launched a surprise attack, killing many of our brave men and women, we did not waver. Instead, we took the fight to them, seizing lands that they had stolen from Rome and from Greece and we took their capital, forcing them to submit to our desire for peace. But we are not conquerors and oppressors! From these lands we rebuilt the shattered Greek civilization, freeing ourselves from administrative burden and creating a buffer from the warmongering of Rome and Osininka.

Even in our darkest hour, we did not back down. Nation, you remember this. Some do not. Some did not survive to remember. In an unprovoked attack, Russia, our former trade and scientific partner, invaded our southern holdings, threatened New York again, and in an unspeakable atrocity, use three nuclear weapons against Washington, killing millions and crippling the heart of our great civilization.

But we did not waver.

With your help and support, I rallied our troops. We were caught off guard, but we did not stay in retreat. We regrouped and took the offensive. I am proud to announce that we have achieved total sea and land superiority. Our troops are approaching Moscow, to prove to the world that no matter the blow we are dealt, we will always stay standing and never leave justice undone.

I would like to thank the workers from all over the empire, including immigrants from Rome, Greece, Russia, and Iroqouisstanstan, who came to Washington, risking fallout and further attack, to clean and rebuild the land. Your selfless, tireless dedication to doing exactly what I tell you to do is the foundation of this great empire.

Finally, I would like to remind everyone that we've almost developed the B52 bomber, which will, thanks to our excellent training facilities, be able to bomb you twice per turn, right off the factory line. So don't mess with us again. If that doesn't convince you, rocket artillery are close behind and I already have several double-striking artillery, even one with increased range. Barring those, we now have secured the Russian uranium deposits and will soon be able to use them to similar effect.

Have a nice day.


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