Fail in Dire Maul

| Tuesday, January 31, 2012
After my mage had a disappointingly boring Mana Tombs run I figured the only thing to do was to disappoint myself even more. I'd heard that Dire Maul had been changed, so I figured I'd go check it out.

Well on the bright side, the druid at the door reports the concept of the tribute run: minimize casualties to maximize rewards. It went downhill from there.

The doors are all unlocked. That means no need to carefully time when the second boss wanders away (Or is it third? Does the drunk one count?) to grab the key for the door. It also means no need for seaforium charges or the old kill guard, zone out and reset trick. But finally I killed the king, unsure of whether I needed an ogre suit for the last guard; at 80, before he was deleveled, he'd aggro if I tried to sneak around, but at 85 with him dropped by at least 10 levels, no reaction from him. Running back out, I talked to the guard, who said that maybe I could get the gloves from the weird elf. Except apparently now an ogre has them, meaning that not only did they remove the need to go to DM west and back, but now the chat text is wrong.

But the worst was when I tried to go to the ogre for the gloves. On my way into the king's area I'd hit the door, twice, which shut it. And it doesn't open. So I was stuck in there and ended up going to Area 52, directly of course, because I'm an engineer and that's awesome.

None of this should surprise me. Running to DM West and back to DM North is going to DM North a second time. And probably DM West a second time too. That is obviously unacceptable. If it isn't a random heroic, we are meant to run it once and only once. If it is a random heroic, we are meant to run it endlessly.


Kring said...

They fixed the "kill guard and reset" trick decades ago. The key was destroyed as soon as you left DM. Which sucked if the person with the key died and released.

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