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| Tuesday, January 31, 2012
Tesh had a time card. Tesh owed me gaming. So now I have a time card code. Or I did. Now I have a month to play WoW.

I did the logical thing: Jumped on my bank alt. I have no clue what I was planning to do there. My mail had bounced back to where it came from, and then vanished from those places as well, months ago. Blizzard says my time had run out in mid-March, but I know I'd left at least a few weeks before then. So yea, that stuff was long gone. Couldn't have been very important. (Good thing I can't mail legendaries)

Then I logged in to my paladin, stared at my abilities for a second, got mad that they changed the icon for divine shield, and then queued for a random.


In summary: everyone was nice, no one seemed incompetent, someone was new so we had a few wipes, there were multiple DCs and afk-kicks, and eventually Vanessa died. I got some DPS shoulders that might be better. Or maybe not. I have no clue what stats do these days. For all I know spirit is now our primary DPS stat. But probably not, because they usually do those random stat reworkings on the patch before an expansion.

Oh, and I had a blast. Everything came right back, except for where my res key was located (right side bar, a little bit up from the middle). I got some sort of points, but I don't know the point of them. Halfway in I decided I should go to Molten Core, but didn't, because I had an instance to finish.

I then went off to the transmogrification people and was angered that I could not do anything with thunderfury. And then just to make it worse, my tanking weapon is a mace, so I cannot even use any of the cool old weapons I kept around, obviously just for this. I've been waiting a long time... After I converted my tanking set to Soulforge I stuck that in void storage, because my bank was so filled with crap that I had overflow into my bags.

Oops, just did Sethekk Halls not on heroic. Go through again... what the hell is Anzu doing here? They eliminated most of the trash past him, I guess so we can more safely pull him. Smart move there, but I think I'd feel a bit cheated if I was a druid. Then I realized I'd already gotten the item from there. To Hellfire!

I joined a group that was running Black Temple, so I could get a mace that doesn't look ridiculous. If only I could use swords for transmogrification! I have so many awesome 1h swords. It was fun, though I still don't like BT much. But I did get another polearm. I'm currently using the Blood Elf starting area weapon, which matches Judgement, and I think is funny to have Alliance-side.

Then a few of us went to Hyjal and cleared that with three people. The warlock and I both get two or three of the set pieces. They kept dropping in pairs, so we didn't need to compete. Now I have 5/8 Lightbringer.

Someone in trade chat complained about being bored. I suggested leaving for a year. They thought I was being sarcastic...

My plan now is to first go to the old vanilla instances and see what terrible things have happened to them. Then I'll putter around. Before the month is up I want to try LFR and maybe even a real raid. Also those troll places. And MC of course.

Random impressions:

2.5g is not worth losing my keys. What the fuck was wrong with keys?

Noticed that randoms are 7x weekly rather than 1x daily. I like that a lot. Great change there.

15 minute hearthstone? Holy hell, that's short.


Shintar said...

Glad to hear that you're having fun! I'm looking forward to reading about what else you "discover". ;)

I'll be very surprised if you don't end up being bored/disenchanted with the game again before your time card is up though.

Edawan said...

"Now I have 5/8 Lightbringer."

Please do not make the mistake, like every paladin in the world seems to be making, of wearing a mix of T6 and T6.5 just because they share the same set bonuses. The proper boots come from BT and the belt from Hyjal.

(that's my pet peeve since the 4.3 patch)

Klepsacovic said...

@Shintar: I dunno, I think I might try another month after even. Of course it's a bit hard to see 30 days out after one day.

@Edawan: I'll check on the pieces.

Bronte said...

"Someone in trade chat complained about being bored. I suggested leaving for a year. They thought I was being sarcastic..."

This made me laugh out loud.

I will bet you will be done at the end of the month!

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