Blizzard announces plans for new Warcraft-themed MMORPG

| Wednesday, January 11, 2012
I don't normally do news, because for the most part "news" just means a copy-paste of whatever someone said followed by some pointless commentary from the supposed journalist topped off with a request for comments, all of which end up somewhere between "best new game ever" and "that's so stupid", with a swirl of Nazis and at some point someone spells Microsoft with a dollar sign instead of an S. Speaking of which, did you ever realize that 75% of the letters in Nazi are also present in Blizzard? And if you consider that r looks a little bit like n, that pushes it up to at least 90%. Just saying. Anyway, "journalism" in the form of out-of-context quotes, commence:

"If there is one thing we've learned from WoW, it is that there is a lot of demand for the Warcraft IP, especially in a persistent online environment."

"The Warcraft missions gave a lot of action, but it often felt like the story was put to the side. We want to really show the players what they are fighting for by getting them personally involved in the story and battles."

"The bit of branching in Starcraft turned out to be popular, so we're taking it to the next step in this new MMO, allowing players to not just pick a different order to do quests, but letting them even just wander this vast world of Azeroth and see what they find."

"Customizing the hero units in Warcraft 3, finding the obscure trinkets from demonic portals hidden away from the narrow path, people really enjoyed that a lot. We want to bring that to this game, the ability to customize to fit how you want to play, and to find something new and interesting when you go off the path a bit."

And of course some ignorant asshole from marketing: "This is the time of the franchises and spin-offs. The Old Republic is capitalizing on Star Wars, Lord of the Rings Online is building off the success of putting a bunch of hot guys and elves in the same movie, and of course EVE online is striking a chord with the Christian crowd."

I was most encouraged by this last quote: "We all still remember NGE and you can trust us that we're not going to radically alter the game to bring in a few more subscribers."


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