Saturday webcast, post mortem afterward

| Monday, June 6, 2011
Saturday I was interviewed by Twisted Nether Blogcast.

So there I was a few days before and I suddenly wondered if they knew I wasn't playing WoW anymore. I'd specifically not made a quitting post, and even called it such. It wouldn't be that much of a surprise if they thought I still played. I sure never stopped blogging about it. So I sent Hydra an email, just to make sure he knew, since it would be a bit awkward if they started asking questions about how my raiding was going and just got silence followed by a slow, whispered "I don't play anymore", which would sound crazy, so they'd ask if I meant I don't raid anymore, so I'd have to say it again. That would be bad. But of course the little tiny problem remains of it being a WoW-oriented blogcast and me not playing. I was afraid they'd drop me! Turns out they were afraid I'd not want to do it. By their guess I was the first former player they'd had on.

In case the more than two hour recording didn't tip you off, and the "Saturday I was interviewed by Twisted Nether Blogcast", we did the interview. So uh, big surprise but... I like to talk.

Maybe you enjoyed listening. Or you hated it. Either way. I'd encourage you to listen to it, so that you can hear me say in a slightly different way how [latest expansion] has ruined WoW.

Anyway, let's pretend that was today's post and you can use this space to tell me I'm wrong, stupid, and sound dumb. Or how brilliant I am. Or if you had any questions that didn't get asked.

But if you insult story time I will crush you.


Milo said...

Is there a recording of the show? I didn't catch it live

Green Armadillo said...

I saw the "TNB Live with Klep" on the TNB feed and got all excited that I'd have something to listen to during my commute, but it turned out to be an announcement for the live show, not the recording. I'll get you (on my iPod) next time, Klep!!!!!

Klepsacovic said...

I can't find a recording, but I've listened to previous shows not-live, so it should be up eventually.

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