Nils made me cry

| Thursday, June 9, 2011
Few things are worse than blogging about games you haven't played for a long time. I know several bloggers who did it: it is embarrassing.
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Hey, Euro-jerk, it's called not being a quitter. I know you stuck-up elitist types like to think people have to know what they are talking about to talk about it, but I'm more democratic. Or do you prefer proletarian? You would, Marxists.


Ratshag said...

I still blog about Space Invaders.

Anonymous said...

If the point being made is that one should not try to rant in detail about a game one has not played in a while, like SynCaine who rants about Cata but hasn't played since BC, I guess I can see the point.

But if it is a call to essentially forget the past, I can't go there.

Syl said...

Many 'wow rant'-articles that are worth reading, are by ex-players and veterans. not all of course, certainly not the emo-quitter rage rants, but others are. you can see certain things more clearly once you have some distance to the game and real comparisons to other current MMOs you might be engaged in. you certainly do not need to play WoW 'right now'/all the time, in order to analyze or criticize things there.

I'd say it depends vastly on whether the person knows what he/she is talking about from long, long experience with the game or whether it's just talk by somebody who has indeed, not played since TBC or WotLK.
For myself, I always found I was able to write about WoW better while I was on breaks. a lot of bloggers I enjoy reading (including Nils or yourself) do this and you've certainly more than enough insight to do so.

Nils said...

You can still blog about the genre in general. But don't start commenting on something like WotLK while assuming it is like classic WoW. Syncaine was really good at this.

"You need to remove the grinds!!"
Whhhaat? ;)

Issy said...

*hands Klep a tissue*

scrusi said...

I think you are legally obliged to mention DarkFall in any comment containing Syncaine's name, Nils.

Also, I blogged about WoW today evon though I haven't played since ICC. I guess I embarrassed myself ;)

Nils said...

Hey, don't start to sub to WoW now, just so that you can blog about it. Even bad press is better than none.
I already feel guilty of supporting WoW this way.

Hyperian said...

I heard marxists were afoot..... my rifle calls for blood.

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