Getting a new computer

| Friday, June 17, 2011
I used to be enchanted by technology. I remember the times we've had a new computer at home and the oohing and ahhing and thinking it's all so great. Then we start up Netscape and go back to doing whatever we did anyway. I eventually learned that new computer equipment is quite boring for most people. Oh they might think it's fun, but give them a few days and it's all the same again.

This isn't the case now. If I got a new computer it would be fun for more than a few days. This time there's something different. Specifically, the ability to play newer games. Not being much of a gamer in the past (I was in the closet), the concept that new hardware would allow new software wasn't really relevant. But now I could dust off my unplayed copy of Dragon Age (note the lack of a 2). Or download Portal 2 (there is a 2).

In the past when new equipment was just new equipment, without content to go with it, it was pretty much wasted (I'm discounting the opinions of the people who actually bought and paid for the computers). In my current situation new equipment means new content, so it's more than just a new box with bigger numbers to describe it.

I'm sure there's an MMO analogy in there somewhere.


Anonymous said...

Oh, very subtle, Kleps.


scrusi said...

So very subtle.

Also, get a new rig already. Those games are good (though I have my squabbles with portal 2...) And here' another two for you: Starcraft 2 ;)

Hyperian said...

Isnt it awesome how the thought of getting a new computer makes the idea of replaying games you played on a "lesser" computer so much more appealing? I just ordered a custom comp. and am so stoked for replay Mass Effect 1, Deus Ex, and ES: Oblivion even though i havent played them in like 2 years haha

Glyph, the Architect said...

Heh. Netscape.

Tesh said...

Pfft. You don't need a new rig for the stable of games. Plenty of gold to mine there.

...though as the recent owner of a new rig m'self, I'll admit to using STO and WoW as benchmarks (yes, I love being behind the bleeding edge). I want to see what quadrupling my RAM can do for those games.

Klepsacovic said...

@Ben: I'm known for my subtlety

@scrusi: That's a good 2.

@hyperian: Beside Oblivion, those are all new to me!

@Glyph: My dad bought the computers and he was a Mac guy.

@Tesh: I'll have to check this GoG thing.

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