The problem with the Starcraft MMO

| Wednesday, June 29, 2011
As we all know, or at least are very convinced of because we desperately want to hear it and hate dissenting opinions, Blizzard is creating a MMO based on Starcraft. We know this because they have claimed that it is with a new IP, and Starcraft is new relative to Warcraft which is almost as old as me if I was younger than I am.

I want to get the jump on it and just call dibs on a few topics. Yes, you can do that. Maybe some socialist bloggers believe in sharing, but I believe in hoarding ideas. That's why my draft folder is filled with unpublished posts, such as this one that I started five months ago, hence why it is filled with obsolete Brood Wars references.

First off, I am calling dibs on any and all Ghost whining.
Energy pool: too low. All it takes is one in and out of cloak and you're practically empty. No lockdown means helpless against vehicles, as if that weren't bad enough.
Nuclear strike: Cast time is way too long. And no, this isn't the new "aimed shot from shadowmeld".

Siege tanks will end up with some major problems. Sure they have heavy armor and a lot of firepower, but not since Onyxia has stance-dancing been such a huge issue. Beside that, Thors are stealing their jobs with more damage, more health, and greater mobility.

Goliaths also will hate the lag time between ground and air attacks. Meanwhile Vikings will complain about their hybrid tax.

As of three years after release, Blizzard still has not balanced the ability of Zerg Queens to one-shot most ground biologicals. Meanwhile the queens won't stop whining that "their parasites are too easy to remove." And when patch 2.0 removes flying they will never ever shut up about it.


Syl said...

post of the day! x)
may it never happen.

Unknown said...

I'm sick and tired of everyone rolling a Dark Templar just for perma cloak...

Tesh said...

Banelings are so OP. We need permadeath and anti-flashmob mechanics!

Hyperian said...

There would be 8 million Marines, for the simple fact that they can drink heavily on duty, and not be asphyxiated while smoking a fatty Cuban while in an air tight, CBRN controlled battle suit. I would defiantly be one of them haha.

Klepsacovic said...

@Syl: Never? Get the hell out, troll. WoSC would be awesome!

@JoeNavy: And then they whine about how they can't see observers.

@Tesh: I'm guessing banelings will be the first hero class, but we'll all waste a lot of time speculating on whether we need a max-level zergling to roll one.

@Hyperian: Good luck with no medics.

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