Oh my god people are horrible

| Saturday, June 25, 2011
I'm a bad person who likes making bad jokes. Last night New York passed legislation to allow gay marriage. Obviously this is an excellent paring. Just think of the possibilities for making crude, insensitive, and bigoted jokes!

Let's see, I could pretend it's some sort of really awful event. Like, apocalyptic in effect if not quite in scale. And it's New York. Maybe I could make some horrible joke about how this is a second 9/11. Wait, no. No that's just too horrible. That's the sort of thing you say if you either already think you're going to burn in hell or already think you're Jesus right-hand man. So I'm not going to even bother with that. It just would not be the right thing to say.

But you know who is more horrible than me?

Other people.

So I did some googling: "gay marriage 9/11" Here's the top result, at least according to how Google chooses to show me the internets.

Skipped the second result because I misinterpreted the title.

Third result:
By about 25 seconds in, including the intro clip: "I think a helpful way to think about this is to compare it to 9/11." In his defense, it was more of an analogy than a comparison (I should write about that one of these days), but sadly, that was the high point. Yes, he went downhill from 9/11.

But, let's all look at the bright side: These horrible people are losing. Slowly, but losing.


Vudu said...

I'm guessing this was in troll, I mean trade chat?

There seems to be more too it than your letting on =P ...

Klepsacovic said...

Short version: Gay marriage passed on New York. I wanted to make a joke about it. Instead I decided to Google it and discovered people being worse than I could if I tried.

Vudu said...

I guess in these situations (the one you found yourself in) I ask myself:

WWGD? (What would Gevlon do?)

I'm not very nice either....

Syl said...

That's the big problem of when state and legal affairs are still influenced by religious parties or beliefs.

Unknown said...

I came across some colorful quotes of a horrible Diocese from Brooklyn named DiMarzio giving his stance on the situation. So I chose to throw in a pedo joke at the end of my own blog post about it. And some blasphamy. I don't think I can bring myself to do 9/11 jokes...mabey I'm getting soft?

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