Windshear Mine: Worst place ever, of all time

| Thursday, December 2, 2010
Where do I start?

The peons are ever so slightly bugged. By that I mean they have an unusually long aggro distance. As in, I ran all the way out of Windshear Crag and they were still following me. I was not attacking them and had not for at least a minute. They only 'reset' after a druid ganked me. They didn't actually run back, but were glued in place before eventually vanishing.

The peons do not consistently display the rocks, though they may exhibit the behavior of carrying them. I am not referring to the ones outside who will carry them out, drop them, and go back for more.

This next one is more of a mage bug. A really stupid mage bug. Impact spreads DoTs. That's fine, and I can accept that it might spread those DoTs to otherwise non-hostile mobs. But even if there is no DoT, it still triggers some sort of spreading effect. In other words, fire blast in the mine can aggro the peons, who then chase me forever.

Mines in general are poor ideas for solo content. The twists and turns interfere with ranged abilities, which hurts warriors as well who miss out on charge. Terrain is inconsistently solid or not, resulting in the ever so fun 1 milimeter below the ridge is out of line of sight annoyance. Respawns from behind, which may happen if the player happens to die in the mine because three adds came and said player is playing a mage who does not deal well with now four melee enemies in an enclosed space, can further limit mobility. My first sentence is perhaps too negative. At times a mine can add challenge where otherwise there would be none. But do not combine it with buggy mobs.

Also, quest NPCs should be sanctuaries of a sort. By that I mean, I should be able to read the quest they give me without being attacked unless it is obviously an under siege sort of area. These particular ones clearly are not, based on their apparent attempt to be sneaky, which I'd expect they would either talk faster (short quest text) or help me hide a bit as well, or at least not stand right next to two different mob pathing areas.

Also, please remove male goblins from the game. Their attack sounds are incredibly irritating. I would rather listen to an hour of constant human aggro sounds of "huh!" as I run through Defias camps in Westfall than fight one goblin. In case it isn't clear, goblin attack sounds are really fucking obnoxious and make me want to murder them, except that the process of murdering them would cause said attack sounds.

While we're on the subject of Windshear Crag, Hellscream's Legacy needs some work. Specifically, if the quest says to attack the oil can and I do so and don't get credit because I didn't also attack the elite mob it is attached to that I was specifically told to not try to attack, there is a problem.

And then just to top off the fail cake, Big Papa and Large Daddies cannot fight, nor did I see a Tall Female Sibling.


Syl said...

I actually wished before, in both WoW and other MMOs, that those character sounds could be disabled. I find them very irritating and indeed, some races wind you up more than others!! >_<
Love the goblins tho', wish they were alliance instead of the furries.

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