The Blue Wall of Death

| Thursday, December 30, 2010
Okay it's more of a Blue Wall of Can't Fly There, but either way, I'm sick of it.

You might have seen it. It's the strange glowing blue wall, sometimes floor or ceiling, through which you cannot fly. I guess its unloaded content.

I wasn't really familiar with these walls until the day my mage fell under Scarlet Monstery and found these walls along the edge of what seemed to be the sky, though I was at the bottom of it, not the top, due to falling.

Lately I've been seeing them a lot. This is usually during my cross-Azeroth flights for archaeology. I'll set a course and autofly, usually while blogging or playing Angry Birds. Totally worth the dollar.

They annoy me.

I can't figure out why they are there. I mean, many of these places I've flown over before. And many I've run into at times after I was done downloading everything. I mean that WoW said, "yep, whole world's there," and the next day it says "not this place, nope, just hang out here a minute." Was there such a major zone change that it called for a blue wall of not going there?

Maybe these walls are actually a good thing. They indicate that I haven't actually downloaded the whole game, but I still get to play, most of it. Surely a wall here and there for a minute is better than sitting around with the download manager claiming it is behind a firewall and must therefore retrieve individual bits by carrier pigeon.

Or maybe I have no damn clue what causes the walls. Maybe they are caused by my computer running out of RAM to store zone data and the wait time is some other zone getting dumped, seemingly the next zone I'll need to fly to. But since the wall is often accompanied by a red you have a lot to download wheel, I assume that it has something to do with my failure to download half of Uldum, which, by the way, I have already done, so clearly it's not a new zone. Or is it? Maybe Blizzard is needing to fix phasing issues or something and that requires redownloading entire zones.

I took the GRE yesterday. It made me very very tired while I wrote this. So I apologize if this post made no sense. Actually no, screw apologizing, making no sense meets my usual standards.


Syl said...'re seeing blue walls in your head that nobody else can see and lately you're starting to see more and more of them....should we start worrying?

you see, I've not encountered a single wall like this in the game so far, it sounds fascinating. I also feel strangely excluded! :D

Klepsacovic said...

A guildy said he saw one too! But sometimes my guild just humors me.

Gazimoff said...

I get the blue walls as well, usually when I haven't let the download manager do it's thing. It's often annoying when you're flying around as you're more likely to bump into them. Still, I guess it means that Blizz are still fixing things.

The worst was when I installed WoW on my laptop, then logged straight in before it finished downloading. I was stuck in this blue tube in the starting zone for a good few minutes, like some kind of Star Trek teleporter malfunction.

Good call on Angry Birds though.

Anonymous said...

I have also seen these blue walls, first and only time was flying from Theramore to Darnassus. They appeared suddenly while I was in mid-air, at random locations. After a few moments or a few minutes they disappeared. Ran into about 3 of them.

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