Digital download is stupid

| Wednesday, December 8, 2010
Burning Crusade required me taking the train into places where I feared for my life and made me wonder why someone would put a gamestop there.

Wrath of the Lich King required me walking over to the campus mail room and asking for packages.

Cataclysm requires me to sit here staring obsessively at the realm status page.

New games/expansions are supposed to force gamers out into the world, to remind us why we so love these virtual worlds. Digital downloads ruin that, and consequently, gaming.


Scott said...

Agreed, I sat out in front of a Gamestop talking to an Eerie looking Goth kid (who in reality on a normal day i probably would have walked right passed not sparing him a second glance), whom i spent an hour and a half talking with about our beloved virtual world like we had been best friends all our lives. Their is a certain Ambience when waiting with like minded ppl in a place where not a single nay sayer would be present, and even if there were..... the were out numbered and kinda screwed haha.

Unknown said...

My only option was going to the only place in the country that sells it, waste half of the price for the game to even get there, and then buy it overpriced compared to the rest of the world.

I welcome the digital download.

Anonymous said...

"The pain of childbirth is supposed to force mothers to suffer, to remind them why they so love their (soon-to-be) child. Painkillers ruin that, and consequently, motherhood."

When you use different words, it still doesn't make sense.

Klepsacovic said...

@Scott: What class?

@Nikola: You are insufficiently miserable to properly enjoy WoW.

@Anonymous: When you use different words you also say something completely different and irrelevant. Funny how that happens.

koalabear said...

You didn't have to use the digital download. You could have still taken the train to the scary place.

iapetes said...

I have a bridge to sell you all, etc.

when in doubt just assume kleps is joking.

Blandest said...

Kelp its not funny at all how that happens you dont make any sense right now

Blandest said...

Oh sorry i mistook you for a sea creature Klep*

Scott said...

@Klep Pally, which is the most boring lvling experiance ive even seen. I hit like a cheerleader, and cannot face more then two ppl without running away like a 2 year old. When a holy priest is nuking mobs besides you flipin you the bird, you know its lame. When i hit lvl 85, ill strap my healing gear and pray i forget about the worst 4 days of lvling ever.

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