The Butchers of Maraudon: Reconstructive Surgery

| Wednesday, December 15, 2010
Back in October I finally got around to pointing out that Maraudon had been butchered. Two bosses were effectively removed by the path chosen by LFD while the overall instance was chopped up so much that it was barely recognizable.

Since the Shattering it has been changed again. This time, it was for the better.

The two 'lost' bosses are back in. I can't say the goblin makes much sense anymore, but at least he's in a place where people will kill him. As for the other, he's where he always was, but the instance completion has been changed so that players will start on a wing and finish with The Ugliest Princess, which means that they will pass through him on the way.

The instance isn't as long as it once was, and probably justifiably so, but it is no longer trivially short. If I had to pick a simple good or bad label, I would pick good.


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