Vash'jir: First, Second, and Third Impressions

| Thursday, December 9, 2010
In the beginning...

This boat is taking forever. At least the NPCs have some dialogue to read while I wait.
Finally here. I want to capture it for the Bloodsail.
Poor Budd.
Wow, those guys out there are screwed. Maybe we should keep moving.
That was cool.
This zone sucks. It's a gigantic zerg rush for 10 total mob spawns and I get all turned around underwater. Fuck this, I'll go try archaeology.

Archaeology was fun.

In the thing directly after the beginning, making it second, which took place the next day...

Not so crowded, maybe now I can actually play. This is kinda fun.
I'm still a bit disoriented, but at least I can find my way around and am not perpetually facing the wrong direction.
Where the hell is all the ore?
I want to tell Budd that he's not crazy, at least not for that one specific reason. Where's his troll mask?

In the last of three things which would be the third...

I can walk on the bottom, and run, and the animation looks silly but fun.
This place is alright after all.
I still want to know where all the ore went.


Iapetes said...

I decided Vashj'ir was the best zone in the game months ago. When Kleps told me how much he hated it, that was how I knew I was right (if Kleps disagrees with me it's a good sign, I think).

Anyone trying this zone should at least wait till they get their seahorse to pass judgement. But it's when you leave the Kelp Forest that you really get to see just how awesome this zone is.

Crusader Sev said...

spoiler alert, but the awesome meter will turn up when you get a sea pony.

Zelmaru said...

"Hey these idiots are getting eaten by tentacles... let me hop on my flyer right quick and fly up to safety... Oh crap, I was supposed to get a tentacle to the face. Now how am I supposed to finish this quest?"

Scott said...

Haha, Zel i did the same thing. If you swim towards the quest area it will complete it. But i took off, and the boat dissappeared and my buddy on vent was laughin at me, i started randomly swimming and it finished it.

Zelmaru said...


That's exactly what I did, I flailed around in the water, swimming toward NPC's and there it was!

Klepsacovic said...

@Iapetes and Crusader: I agree, the seahorse is a big deal. Really made the place a lot more fun.

@Zelmaru: You know at the amusement parks where they have the signs that say "do not exit ride until it has come to a complete stop"?

Zelmaru said...


But the amusement park rides don't GRAB ME WITH TENTACLES. (That's the TSA).

Iapetes said...

the japanese ones do

Anonymous said...

I kind of like it. I think it's more of a success than a failure. (and much more of a succes than people give it credit for. I've heard alot of people QQing about it, strangely).

My only gripes are:
3D enviroment makes finding stuff hard (especially caves)
Only getting 1-2 quests at a time feels slow, i prefer to get them in giant swathes and knock them all out at the same time. I'm not sure what other zones look like yet.
And not being able to leave until i figured out i somehow got a flight path to an NPC that i never talked to, that would bring me to a real FP to get me out of the zone.

The speed buff+ seahorse are just the right speed to make the zone fun. Other than the relatively small quirks in the zone, it was great fun.

I wonder if all the zones have so many pop culture references and/or puns? I don't mind the occasional one, but it feels like ever other one is. Kind of offputting. Glad you're enjoying the zone though

Unknown said...

@Zel:Oh, i didn't even know you could get grabbed! I kind of flew off the boat and through one before it had a chance O.o
Sounds great ><

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