Fixing all of Wall Street in one question

| Sunday, December 12, 2010
There are big, complex problems over on Wall Street, but ultimately they boil down to one problem: if someone is greedy enough, no law, regulation, or humanity will stop them from grabbing whatever money they can. Hence the easy solution:

Add a one-question test, with a lie detector, as a requirement to do any work in the financial industry.

"Is Gordon Gekko the hero of the 1987 film Wall Street?"

If they answer yes, they fail forever. If they have no answer, they have six months to watch it at least five times, along with a minimum of one viewing of Bambi, and retake the test.


Tesh said...

Ah, but which Big Brother agency is going to enforce the test, and how easily can they be bribed?

Klepsacovic said...

Ah, simple: Make any cheating or corruption regarding the test punishable by life in prison, enforceable by anyone. In other words, cheat, and some random crazy guy will kidnap you, forever.

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