Who cares about Realid?

| Friday, July 9, 2010
Old news. Lets focus on what's really important.

edit: Actually, on that subject, I am glad they rescinded their original plans. I don't mind posting my real name but I can understand why a lot of people would. And trolls would make fun of people's 'real lives'. I've seen it happen a few times on my realm forums.


Klepsacovic said...

I found a laptop!
I've been thinking more about RealID and the potential effects it could have on the population. I doubt all that many players would directly quit because of RealID. Nor do I think it would be the directly traceable last straw.

Instead I think it will be the diminished enthusiasm. Players will see Blizzard and WoW differently. They won't feel the same. That's going to make people quit a little bit sooner, burn out a little bit sooner, and ask "what's the point?" a little bit more often and with a less positive answer.

All of the hand spells are buffs, except this one strange attack-taunt. I am endlessly amused that one of our easiest ways to boost DPS, cheaply, and and range, also happens to be a taunt.

P.S. I'm killing you next time we're on Deathwhisper.

Iapetes said...

Kleps you may have missed it but they aren't going forward with realid forums.

Klepsacovic said...

I saw that they aren't, but I think the damage is done.

Iapetes said...

well then that's just ridiculous

wow gold said...

It's really funny how hard they tried to convince us that's it's gonna be okay but after receiving thousands of feedback...in the end we won the game :D

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