The Blame the Player Mentality

| Saturday, July 31, 2010
Blame the playerbase!

It's too common and I am guilty of it as well. Not having fun? It's our fault. It's tempting to just say that we're cynical or lazy or greedy or whatever else. We probably are.

But isn't it the job of the debs to set up the fun? If we cannot RP perhaps we lack a suitable world. If we are loot whores maybe that is what we were taught. If we avoid grouping with unknown people without gearscore checks, why?

Certainly some players do seem to actively try to not have fun, but that hardly justifies pointing the finger at players for every single problem, but I will try for at least a few minutes after writing this to not blame players for every single problem.


iapetes said...

No, it's ok to blame the players.

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