Epics are Undergeared

| Thursday, July 1, 2010
I'm now recruiting epic-geared players for level 80 heroics. My recruitment thread has gone up on the Zu'jin forums as well.

Heroics these days are boring. More importantly, unstylish. It's time to fix that.

I need four level 80 players in pre-BC gear to run heroics with. Pick whichever tier you think looks best.

I'll also be running raids on Fridays at 8pm to help gear people down. We'll do whichever raid best fits our numbers, so if we don't have enough for AQ40, we'll do 20; if we don't have enough for BWL, we'll do MC. These will not be undergeared since we're likely to be undermanned. As a rough estimate, AQ needs 20, BWL 15, MC, AQ20, and ZG just need someone else to show up to give me an excuse to run them.

3k GS maximum. Send a letter to Kelpsacovic to apply.

P.S. DKs are welcome, but will have to scavenge since there are no sets for them.
P.P.S. This is a silly serious project, meaning that it is intended to be silly, but it's serious enough to happen. Let's do this.


Edawan said...

AQ-40 needs 10, if you know how to do the Twins and have people who actually listen to your instructions.
I brute-forced them once with 35 lvl 80s, though maybe it could be done with 20 now... I don't know.

For BWL 5 should be enough, but the more the better. Be sure to bring a rogue or the suppression room will be annoying !

mark said...

and this is why I love you more than misery goblin over der, your posts make me gigle and make me excited at the same time!

dalvengyr U.S.

Klepsacovic said...

At the extreme I think the twins could be done by three people, just very slowly. A DK or paladin can easily hold either boss, then stick a healer in the center. But I'd prefer more, just to save time.

I'd not trust BWL with five people; that wouldn't leave much room for error on Vael. Sure, we should have enough DPS, but it's best to be safe.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't the enrage timer be a problem for the twins? Also, would a healer be easily able to take out all the adds plus heal both tanks? Sounds tricky to me.

Leah said...

friend and I 3 maned BWL up to the goblin room at which point resto shaman he asked to come along from his guild DCed and we decided to call it due to our inability to kill one of the drakes right after (the on that puts debuff on you that heals him for 250000 each time he hits you, we had a bit of a taunting issue as well as laziness)

a while back, when I went in there for the giggles with couple of former guildies, we ummm kinda got one shotted by deathwing and his damn flame (I forgot our Onyxia scale cloaks i an bank, and we thought to try without, didn't duck out of LoS quickly enough :P) with only pally tank left standing, who then proceeded to solo ye old dragon. yep. so honestly, i woudln't worry too much about bwl :P

suppression room WAS seriously annoying:/ but not to bad. I guess I should say we were on our DK's at the time, alternating between dps and tank specs.

Klepsacovic said...

@mark: Oh thank you.

@Anonymous: I'd forgotten about the enrage. Let's just pretend it doesn't exist. :)
If I remember the fight properly (it's been a few months), the bugs aren't actually hostile unless attacked. Maybea few go red on their own, but the majority are harmless unless hit by an AoE. In a PUG this means they're always hostile.

@Leah: The debuff can be dealt with by remembing to put on tanking gear beforehand. I had that problem once, we had to burn through all that.

Anonymous said...

When I did Twin Emps at 60, we had a dedicated group of about 6 ppl going around to kill the bugs that one of the Emps would empower periodically. Haven't done it since it was current content, though.

Andrux51 said...

My guild (ICC10 raiding) plowed AQ40 with 8, Twins were annoying because we were given an inadequate description of how to handle them by one of our "oldschool raiders"

C'Thun wasn't even an issue, he was dead before anything important happened.

Granted, it took a long time and I never want to go back, but we did it. The trash was FAR more painful than any of the bosses could ever hope to be.

If your raid could take Saurfang/Festergut, you can manhandle AQ40.

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