Atlanta has an awesome aquarium

| Tuesday, July 13, 2010
Sorry that this isn't about WoW, but I'm a little bit burnt out. I'm going on another trip in a few days. No 12 hour drives, but maybe 20 hours on planes? I hope Kerala has wifi everywhere.

So as the title says, Atlanta has an awesome aquarium. My earlier post wasn't very nice to my brother, which now I feel is rather unfair. I'd written that after the driving and was in a terrible mood, mostly because of rain and my other brother. The Atlanta brother really showed us a great time. Though I don't see what's so great about the barbecue. Maybe it wasn't the best place that we went to.

Have I mentioned that the aquarium is awesome? You practically walk through one of their tanks. And you get to touch manta rays. I wish I hadn't, they feel weird. The layout is great, with a central hub and branching self-contained wings that you cannot get lost in. Though the central area felt too much like a mall. The exhibits were a lot of fun, especially the otters. We were there during feeding time. They reminded me of dogs, with heads like cats, and weird hind legs. I wish I could play with the otters.

I don't know if I'll have much to say about WoW for the next couple weeks. My time will be very restricted and I'm a little bit unenthusiastic. Something about the corporate side rearing its ugly head is a bit of a downer. Blizzard looks like a puppet that can do all its own talking, but someone else is pulling the strings.


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