BRD has the solution to all problems

| Saturday, July 3, 2010
Are you bored by mindless faceroll trash? Do you hate having to fight a bunch of boring bosses just to get to the end one with the good stuff? Has your class been marginalized and turned into a leather-wearing warrior? Do you ever wish every instance run wasn't the same? Do you feel like you don't kill enough dwarves in a day? Have you ever wished that instances had more love stories, or at least the unethical use of potions by a succubus waitress?

Blackrock Depths can solve all these problems, and more!

Thanks to mobs which flee and patrolling bosses, faceroll trash will faceroll you! But don't worry, if you still love faceroll AoE speed-running, then you'll love the Lycaem. In this room you'll have to quickly locate, kill, and loot flamekeepers, all while dealing with innumerable swarms of dwarves. That's a two-for-one deal! Or is it three?

Thanks to the river of lava and all manner of doors and paths, you can skip anywhere from one to a dozen bosses, almost going right to the very end. But don't worry, you still get to do facerollroom!

For all the rogues out there, there's the bar. No, not to drink yourself into a haze to avoid the horror of your class. Instead it's one of the few places where pickpocketing is actually useful. You can steal a key! As an added bonus, it also angers the bartender and literally dozens of dwarves, while also alerting guards, meaning that from the safety of stealth you can cause a really big fight which you can just ignore!

For people who like a bit of variety, not only does BRD offer multiple paths, it even offers multiple ways to beat the dreaded Bar Door Boss. Yes, it is truly a versatile encounter. A rogue can steal the key, a succubus can open it with some persuasion, a dwarf can blast it down with an exploding keg. Or if you prefer to be straightforward, starting a big enough fight will call the guards, who open the door on their way in. There's also a random boss event, which may or may not give you an incurable fear of bugs.

If you love love, or at least stories in which someone can't say no, then you'll love Mistress Nagmara's heart-breaking quest for love. She makes a potion which makes a drunk dwarf love her. Now I don't mean to imply anything, but one would think a drunk dwarf wouldn't need much convincing to go make out with a succubus, unless he's, you know, like a blood elf. I mean to say he might actually be a she with a beard.

The thrills don't stop! Check out these features:
  • Food to steal
  • Vendors
  • The chance to kill a dwarf emperor
  • Pregnant dwarf princesses! (just one)
  • Key quests that require you to die
  • Dwarves, getting tortured!
  • Prisoners
  • Prisoners who have gone insane and make for good entertainment
  • Puppies!
  • Lava
  • Bank robbery
  • Secret bank robbery
  • Bridges with lava very far under them
  • Gnomes to kill
  • A band! Yes, whatever that group is calling itself these days, they're in the bar!
  • Mole diggers
  • If killing dwarves wasn't enough, you get to fight their ghosts too!
  • Unique forge and anvil, the only places you can work with Dark Iron
  • More boss fights than ICC
  • And to cap it off, at the very end is a portal to Molten Core, so finish on a high note by trying to five-man a pair of molten giants which could wipe a 40-man raid!


Aberron said...

It's the apex of WoW.

This may sound negative seeing as 90% of the game is after it these days but really that instance validated WoW's existence for this healer. Healing that place is why I don't regret WoW.

Disclaimer: My first raid was Naxx10 so there may have be other material that wasn't just BossRoom>BossRoom>BossRoom>Repeat but I missed it.

*goes to check out my screenies of BRD*

Anonymous said...

Too bad BRD nowadays is a AoE fest for even underleveled players. My alt warrior regularly pulls 3 packs of them at once. And the Lyceam is much more easier due to the incredible AoE powers characters have. I still wish it is the same when it could wipe a group of 60s even when they overgeared it.

Klepsacovic said...

@Abberon: BC raids and instances weren't so boss-boss-boss.

@Anonymous: The class changes are probably the biggest wrecker of older instances.

Anonymous said...

Oh man!

I remember a run into BRD where we planned to down all bosses.

We did it.

But it takes us 9 hours and uncountable corpseruns.

This was the most fun in WOW ever.

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