Mograine has Fallen? You shall pay for this not quite treachery!

| Thursday, July 15, 2010
I must make myself clear, this isn't actually treachery. It's not as if we have any sort of legal, social, or national ties. So it's not really possibly for you to commit treason or betray us. Or as the dictionary defines it, ahem:

"violation of allegiance or of faith and confidence"
"an act of perfidy or treason"

Clearly you've done neither of these, at least not by any reasonable interpretation. We clearly had no allegiance. It would have been rather silly of Mograine or me to have any faith in you or confidence. Treason we already talked about.

But really, I'm not very happy about this. I'm sure you can understand that and perhaps you can understand why I chose words which were not entirely accurate, but which served to convey my extreme displeasure at your actions.

So in short, I am going to attempt to kill you now.


Chastity said...

Aww, don't be mean to Sally Whitemane. She's got enough to think about.

You can sort of imagine her standing in front of the mirror with a thesaurus. "You shall pay for this... underhandedness, imposition, ambidexterity, cozening ... Mograine! Help me out here!"

Ratshag said...

I loves me some Sally. She's so cute when she's pissed off.

Rohan said...

It's treachery in that the Scarlet Crusade see themselves as the defenders of the living, holding the line against the Scourge.

So when a bunch of living/non-Scourge burst through and attack the Scarlet Crusade, they obviously see it as a betrayal by those people they are protecting.

Don't forget that if you follow the questline to get to Scarlet Monastery for Alliance (from Desolace), the Scarlet Crusade is attempting to recruit you.

Stabs said...

I think you misheard her. She said "treacle". Definitely "treacle".

And you should always pay for your treacle. Not paying is shoplifting.

Klepsacovic said...

@Chastity: "Mograine? Mograine! I need a word here!"
*runs out*
"Mograine has fallen? You shall pay for this...
tart... thimble... treachery!"

@Rashtag: I'm going to go ahead and not think about all of what that means.

@Rohan: We didn't burst in! I went in to do my usual Sunday prayers and I guess I startled some guys praying. But that hardly justifies drawing a sword.

@Stabs: I don't recall any mobs dropping dessert.

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