Worst reason ever to go holy

| Friday, August 21, 2009
I suppose there are worse reasons, such as getting into groups despite hating the spec, but this is clearly number two.

I was looking through my bank and noticed I had a few slots used for "well maybe if I get that item with this set of stats then I'll need this to compensate for that and maybe I'll go this spec and need that bonus and..." In other words, wasted space. I decided to fix this.

First off, why do I have an ungemmed, unenchanted 7.5 prot chest in my bank and a gemmed, enchanted 7 prot chest in my bags? I fixed up the 7.5 and ditched the 7.

Alright, I don't plan to be holy any time ever, but if I'm going to have all this holy gear I might as well be able to use it. So I go poking around set bonuses vs. off-set higher level pieces and decide on the set bonuses. Being able to vendor the offset stuff for gold was probably the major deciding factor.

Instant seller's remorse because it hit me: The off set holy stuff matches. Blue pants, blue chest, blue shoulders, gloves that don't match at all. I'd look pretty cool in this stuff! Looking cool outweighs gold, so the tier 7 got destroyed in favor of the off-set stuff. Now I was looking pretty cool. And still needed gems and enchants. Well, I loaded those up, spent maybe 200g, but hey, I'll have a cool-looking set if I ever use it). And then it hit me: I'll never use this. It will look so cool and that will go to waste! There's only one solution:

I had to go holy.


Green Armadillo said...

If it makes you feel any better, I went Holy back in early 2005 because I was tired of the JotC+SoCommand+AFK gameplay I'd been having as a Ret with Verrigan's Fist. As I figured it, being a Shockadin meant having an extra active button to push and a ton of survivability due to enhanced heals. I actually ground out 10 levels as a solo Holy grinding Pally using a 1H+shield.

Then I re-rolled mage.

Klepsacovic said...

Heh, I did the same way back before BC. Then I lost the account. I guess Blizzard really doesn't like shockadins.

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