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| Wednesday, August 12, 2009
It all began with me forgetting where I left a comment. It was something to do with SWG and me wondering if it still exists. Hm, how does one find such a vague comment? Of course, Google: "Klepsacovic SWG."

I didn't get that far since Klepsacovic in google lead to "Klepsacovic Larisa meet." Well that's a strange auto-fill. I thought those were generated by frequent search terms. Who is searching for something that hasn't really happened? Oh sure, I'd love to meet Larisa, even just in-game, I'm sure it would be an interesting conversation, but how often are people goggling wishful thinking? Upon further thought (writing is bad at chronology, this is after I've written the rest), maybe it's some mix of my own searches when I lost track of posts and tried to find them.

So, search results from that... Well most were pretty expected; a couple posts by Larisa, some by me, my comments on Gnomageddon and Ixobelle, ooh, link love from a fellow blogger. Thank you, Syrana, several months late. Shaman news.

Shaman news? I definitely have no shaman news. First, I barely play my shaman, let alone post all that much about him. Second, I definitely have no news. News is potentially useful and I will NOT have any useful information polluting this utterly useless blog. The very thought offends and insults me. What can this be?

Aha. A really bad program for finding shaman-related news seems to have gotten the stupid idea that this is a shaman blog. I guess I can't blame it too much, I do have a pretty deceptive address. I do have to feel really sorry for anyone trying to use this to get shaman news; about half the entries are links to what I wrote. Well, sort of links.

A curse upon the non-looters! Yep, that mine. And there is a little picture with the title of my blog in in, a small box that says "Troll Racials are Overpowered" Submitted by... wowrbot? Hm. Click title. Still no author. Aha, finally. Get the full scoop! Read the original at Troll Shaman. I suppose I get credit, eventually.

Now I have no objections to being linked. I love it actually. I appreciate it when people spread my address around for more to see. But I'm used to seeing my name there, you know, somewhere. I won't claim they exactly stole my writing, since they did clearly have my blog name and a link to it. But it felt very indirect, a bit like they wanted people to think they'd created it. Found it, certainly, but not created. I'd mind less if it wasn't in the shaman section. That reeks of bot, you know, aside from the submitted by wowrbot part.

What made it feel less creepy was that they have a giant list of the blogs they follow. 150+ they say. Somehow calling it following and saying exactly who they are following (they have links to the blogs and their title bar picture thingies) makes it feel less like a spider wandered through my stuff and took what it liked. Also sad as it sounds, I almost feel a little bit honored to be in the the clearly extremely exclusive (sarcasm doesn't work well with text) list. And this might be a good way to find more blogs to read.

To end, I poked around the first page of the serch again and found in my archive that I actually wrote a shaman post, with almost useful information. I do not know how to ease my shame.

And my SWG search didn't find what I was looking for. I thought it was on Stabbed Up, but I looked the recent posts there and couldn't find my question. Wait a minute... this is stupid! Why don't I just google SWG and see if it still exists rather than googling to find my question and the response that might not even exist?


LarĂ­sa said...

Haha, it's easy to get carried away once you start searching and following blog links... we're really all connected like in one gigantic spider web. pull a string here and everything starts to vibrate.

It happens sometimes that I check out the most used search words that lead visitors to my blog. Actually most of them are looking for Pink Pigtail Inn, which makes me very happy. But there also are quite a few searches for Kungen, who I've written about a couple of times. And a lot of other stuff, which I'm afraid they won't find at my blog.

and yeah, seeing each other online is such a fun thing! It's so rare that I see other blogger or readers who are coming by to say "hi". It has happened a couple of times only, and it always makes me so excited and happy. It's special to communicate in time and not just asyncronized.

Klepsacovic said...

I too check what leads people to my blog. There are some search terms like "troll racials" and then there's Blessing of Kings and PPI. Also I seem to have accidentally gotten a few more viewers (I hope they stick around) from all the people searching for "jeeves engineering." I suspect I have disappointed a lot of people who were hoping to find tips on farming it.

Unknown said...

You are welcome :)


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