My fears of fame: cured

| Sunday, August 30, 2009
To start off, I would like to apologize for having accidentally included potentially useful information/advice in yesterday's post. When talking about fun I did not intend for it to be used by raid leaders to figure out that wiping on the same boss 20 times is a bad idea. I can only hope that either no one read that or if anyone did, they already knew it. I hope to return to my usual uselessness in order to avoid offending anyone. By anyone I mean you.

Which brings me to the point of this post. Almost. Backstory time: I read this post by Tobold about twitter; apparently people say terrible things about him there which they don't say on his blog. This got me scared. I know people read this blog. Or at least Google claims they do. Are they saying terrible things about me too?

I was afraid that I might be e-famous in some tiny sector of disreality and that someone, somewhere in this virtual wasteland was saying bad things about me. I had to know. So I hop over to Twitter for my first time and type in my name. Nothing. Hm. Maybe I should have capitalized? Nothing. Good enough. Now I can rest easy, assured that no one is saying terrible things about me, as far as I know. And for that I want to thank all of you, for at least hiding what must surely be slanderous lies and misrepresentations from my fearful eyes.

This calls for cupcakes.


Anonymous said...

I'm just terrified of Twitter full stop. The idea that people could conceivably be talking about me on it... wah!

Anonymous said...

I searched for you... and found one... ;-)

LarĂ­sa said...

I don't know what's worst - to be talked about or not to be talked about. PPI isn't talked about much at all at Twitter. Sometimes I wonder if we who don't join the Twitter party will become marginalized, drift away from the WoW blogosphere, since we're not hanging around wtih the cool guys at Twitter. Just like any schoolyard. But then I tell myself: Well, so be it. I know Klep visits me, twitter or not, and I read his posts for sure, even though I don't comment half as often as I should. That makes two of us. It's good enough to run a conversation, isn't it?

Stabs said...

I don't tweet. I consider it a dirty and depraved habit which I have no intention of adopting.

Klepsacovic said...

@Tamarind: I must admit I did not understand your comment.

@gnomeaggedon: Oh no... where is it!? I MUST KNOW! *searches*
That doesn't count!

@Larisa: I suppose it is enough. Maybe we're just not very tweetable.

@Stabs: Please just don't start a crusade that leads to the prohibition of Twitter and then the rise of the Al Capone of tweets.

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